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Specimen/Biohazard Bags With Self-Adhesive Tape

Specimen/Biohazard Bags With Self-Adhesive Tape

Specimen/Biohazard Bags With Self-Adhesive Tape
Specimen/Biohazard Bags With Self-Adhesive Tape

Specimen Bags mainly aim at laboratory, hostipal and clinic. It is a bag specifical used for biological specimens, medical specimens etc. The feature is airproof, waterproof, tide proof , non-toxic, fell soft, practical.

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moisture proof
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Gravure Printing
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gravure printing
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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according to the products
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specimen bag is very important. In the past, the specimen cut from the operation was usually put in the discarded plastic bag or empty bottle, marked on the bag and sent to the pathology department for pathological examination.As the package of label is not clear, non-standard often resulting in loss of specimens and errors, and the mouth sealed not firm, careless in the process of transporting specimens fixed hydraulic tilting, specimen caused degeneration, environment pollution and so on, resulting in many of the contradictions between the operating room and, as a result, hospitals are in specimens of disposable bag, used to hold the specimen, the clinical use, the effect is good.we have first class production,  quality assurance, good sealing,  strong bearing capacity, liquid storage does not break and leakage,  safe use.  The bag consists of four layers and has a back pocket that can hold documents to fill in the specimen information of the box and prevent the information from being lost due to too  long time or other reasons.

We can customize different medical specimen bags according to the requirements of the hospital.
No printing, or white areas are printed for doctors to label information, or professional logo patterns are printe
using the latest environmentally friendly water-based printing ink technology,  free of toluene and other harmful substances, to minimize the  environmental pollution and  adverse effects  on the human body.   

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