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Overview of stand up pouch

Overview of stand up pouch

Overview of stand up pouch
Overview of stand up pouch

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Stand up pouch is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and other products, in addition to the food industry, some washing supplies, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are gradually increasing.

The classification of Stand up pouch in this paragraph Self-supporting bags are basically divided into the following five types:

1. Ordinary Stand up pouch : and the general form of self-supporting bag, using four edge form, can not be re-closed and repeated open, this self-supporting bag is generally used in industrial supplies industry.

2. Stand up pouch with suction mouth: The self-supporting bag with suction mouth is more convenient to dump or absorb the contents, and can be re-closed and re-opened, which can be considered as a combination of self-supporting bag and ordinary bottle mouth. This kind of self-standing bag is generally used in daily necessities packaging, used to hold drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, cooking oil, jelly and other liquid, colloidal, semi-solid products, such as the famous Xizhlang CiCi and so on.

3. Stand up pouch with zipper: self-supporting bag with zipper can also be re-closed and re-opened, because the zipper form is not closed and the sealing strength is limited, so this form is not suitable for packaging liquid and volatile substances. According to the different edge sealing method is divided into four edge and three edge two, four edge refers to the product packaging in the factory zipper seal there is a layer of ordinary edge sealing, the use of the first ordinary edge tear, and then the zipper to achieve repeated sealing, this method solves the zipper edge strength is not conducive to transportation shortcomings. The three sealing edges are directly sealed with zipper edges as a seal, which is generally used for holding lightweight products. The self-supporting bag with zipper is generally used to pack some light solids, such as candy, cookies, jelly, etc., but the four-sided self-supporting bag can also be used to pack rice, cat litter and other heavy products.

4. Imitation mouth type Stand up pouch : Imitation mouth type self-supporting bag combines the convenience of self-supporting bag with suction mouth and the cheap of ordinary self-supporting bag. That is, the function of the suction nozzle is realized through the shape of the bag itself. However, the self-standing bag can not be repeatedly sealed, so it is generally used in the packaging of disposable liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products such as beverages and jelly.

5. Special-shaped Stand up pouch : according to the packaging needs, the new self-supporting bag of various shapes generated by changes on the basis of traditional bag type, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, handle design, etc. It is the main direction of the development of Stand up pouch . With the improvement of social progress and people's aesthetic level and the intensification of competition in various industries, the design and printing of Stand up pouch bags have become more and more colorful, and their forms of expression are more and more, and the development of special-shaped Stand up pouch has gradually replaced the status of traditional Stand up pouch .

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