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Small Size Customized milk white medicine zip lock bag

Small Size Customized milk white medicine zip lock bag

Small Size Customized milk white medicine zip lock bag
Small Size Customized milk white medicine zip lock bag

Medical Zipper Bags, we are Medical Zipper Bags manufacturer and supplier, we have a Medical Zipper Bags factory, we wholesale/exporter Medical Zipper Bags worldwide. Bags for medicine,cotton swab,gauze and small medical equipment.

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moisture proof
*Surface Handling:
Gravure Printing
*Custom Order:
gravure printing
*Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
*Plastic Type:
*Industrial Use:
according to the products
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Small Size Customized milk white medicine zip lock bag 

The self-sealing bag is produced by imported PE raw materials and formed by special film mouth extrusion blowing.Used for special product packaging, it has the advantages of good transparency, good gas sealing performance, suitable clamping chain, convenient opening, repeated use without deformation, clear printing text and text, bright color and so on, widely used in the packaging of small medical equipment and supplies.

PET, with its highly symmetrical molecular structure and certain crystallographic orientation ability, has high film-forming properties and properties.PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, and amorphous PET has good optical transparency.In addition, PET has excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and electrical insulation.The bottle made of PET is widely used because of its strong strength, good transparency, non-toxic, anti-permeability, light quality and high production efficiency.Frosted printing, on which we can write content and mark product information, etc., brings more convenience to the staff


we always adhere to the concept of "integrity, quality, service, innovation", and strive to create a new enterprise,Industry culture atmosphere, based on flexible packaging base, with more advanced equipment, first-class technology, standardized management and all tianbai people's diligence, gradually won the love of customers.

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