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Large Capacity Factory Custom Autoclave Biohazard bag Autoclavable medical waste bags E3

Large Capacity Factory Custom Autoclave Biohazard bag Autoclavable medical waste bags E3

Large Capacity Factory Custom Autoclave Biohazard bag Autoclavable medical waste bags E3
Large Capacity Factory Custom Autoclave Biohazard bag Autoclavable medical waste bags E3

Autoclaves are completely different from ordinary garbage bags, medical waste packaging bags and biological waste collection bags.The autoclave bag can be sterilized for 15-20 minutes without melting at 121°C moist steam and 101.3 kpa.

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moisture proof
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Gravure Printing
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gravure printing
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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according to the products
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Principle of sterilization:
In an airtight steamer, the steam inside cannot overflow, and the pressure keeps rising, so that the boiling  point of the water keeps rising and the temperature inside the boiler  increases accordingly.  Under the pressure of 0.1MPa(101.33kPa), the  temperature in the pot reached  121℃. At this steam  temperature, various bacteria and their highly heat-resistant  spores can  be quickly  killed. 

Material color structure:

Can be high temperature autoclaving bag material, general material is PE, a few PP.But this does not mean that all bags made of PE and PP can be sterilized without melting.It is also closely related to the brand and brand of materials and production process.Can autoclave the color of the bag, have orange commonly, red, yellow, white translucent wait.The thickness is related to the size of the bag and the properties of the material. In general, the larger the size of the bag, the thicker the bag.If the two sides of the autoclave bag are folded, it is beneficial to bear heavier biological wastes.Autoclave bags are available in large and small sizes.In general, the larger the sterilizing container, the larger the corresponding bag is required.Large autoclave sterilizer bag, can be 110* 150 cm wide.

Matters needing attention:


Note: completely remove the air in the pot, so that the pot is full of water vapor, sterilization can be complete.There are several different ways to autoclave the air, but the purpose is to clean the air, make the pot uniform temperature, to ensure the thorough sterilization.The common method is: close the vent valve, after energizing, when the pressure rises to 0.05mpa, open the air valve to release air, after the pressure gauge pointer to zero, then close the vent valve.After closing the valve and energizing again, when the pressure gauge rises to 0.1mpa, start timing and maintain the pressure for 20 minutes from 0.1-0.15mpa.

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OEM / ODM are Available

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Q2, What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

In order to give you a best offer, kindly please let us know below details:

1. Material

2. Size & measurement

3. Style & design

4. Quantity

5. And other requirements

Q3, Could you provide samples for checking the quality?

After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. If you just need a blank sample to check the design and quality, we will provide you sample for free.

Q4, Will I have to supply my own artwork or can you design it for me?

It is best if you can supply your artwork as PDF or AI format file.

However if this is not possible, we have 5 professional designers who can help you to design the bags according to your requirements.

Q5, What warranty you can give me?

After getting your goods, please feel free to speak out your problem either about our service or quality, your common is the best way for us to improve our quality. We will find the best solution together.

Q6, Terms of payment?

1. 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before delivery.

2. 100% TT in advance.


3. Western Union/ Money Gram for small amount payment.

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