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Factory High Quality Dream Gift Box Elegant Cosmetics Box Y

Factory High Quality Dream Gift Box Elegant Cosmetics Box Y

Factory High Quality Dream Gift Box Elegant Cosmetics Box Y
Factory High Quality Dream Gift Box Elegant Cosmetics Box Y

Advanced production equipment, manufacturers direct, no middlemen, high-end custom gift box, show your identity. Customizable, one on one service to create the style you want.

Print Product Summary
moisture proof
*Surface Handling:
Gravure Printing
*Custom Order:
gravure printing
*Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
*Plastic Type:
*Industrial Use:
according to the products
Accept Customized Logo
customer deisgn accept
+86-532-86688808  +86-532-86688809

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High-end packaging box service provider high quality low price, professional custom imported equipment.

To undertake quatity gift boxes, box packaging. Promtional folding, handbags C ompany brochures, books and pictures, stickers and other trademarks printed.

Only to meet the higher grade of you, import equipment quality materials, ten years old factory quality, give you a different experience.

More paper materials are available for your choice.

Tailor-made for your products/manufacturers direct good quality/import paper environmentally friendly ink.

Laminating machine on the surface of the printing products covered with a layer of 0.012-0.020mm thick transparent plastic film surface to form a combination of paper and plastic product processing technology.

UV process is divided into refraction, matte folds and other transparent processes printed on the surface of the carton, with a prominent local focus, foil the important parts of the effect.

Using high temperature and high pressure to transfer the metal foil or color pigment foil through the die to the substrate surface.Can greatly improve F grade, enrich the design content.

Concave-convex process through hydraulic machinery to make the surface of the object body pattern. It is a common process of cosmetic packing box.


Through 2 pieces of paper to achieve higher load bearing requirements, usually can choose corrugated or white card as the adhesive layer.

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