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Customized high quality transparent LDPE slider bag

Customized high quality transparent LDPE slider bag

Customized high quality transparent LDPE slider bag
Customized high quality transparent LDPE slider bag

Slider Plastic Bags is a common bag which have a slider lock on the top. It is easy to operate both for older man and child. It is widely used for food (snack,rice,fresh vegetable and fruit etc.), medicine(medical appliance), electrical product, cosmetic, handicrafts,daily necessities etc.

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moisture proof
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Gravure Printing
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gravure printing
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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according to the products
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Customized high quality transparent LDPE slider bag 


LDPE has good softness, extensibility, transparency, cold resistance and processing.It has good chemical stability and can withstand acid, alkali and salt aqueous solutions.Good electrical insulation and air permeability;Low water absorption;Easy to burn.Soft in nature, with good extension, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processing performance and low temperature resistance (-70℃)


Slider bag can be repeated use of the characteristics of the recycling, this is also very important for many industries, not only can reduce the investment of funds, and can be recycled, if used properly, can even increase the service life of the zipper bag, Yin and Yang to the longest, actually that's why zipper bag, Yin and Yang can get a wide range of use in all walks of life of a fundamental reason.

Every aspect of life can be used, food bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, greenhouses, packaging bags and so on.The advantage of plastic bags is that the cost is low, easy to use, greatly for our life to provide a convenient and fast.

Beaufy Group Ltd. located in Qingdao city which is a very famous beautiful seaside city in east of China. It’s a professional large-scale manufacturer of all type plastic bags, films....It has registered capital 30 million RMB, more than 300 workers, total covers about 38000㎡,including 2000㎡office area and 25000㎡workshops. 



we always adhere to the concept of "integrity, quality, service, innovation", and strive to create a new enterprise,Industry culture atmosphere, based on flexible packaging base, with more advanced equipment, first-class technology, standardized management and all tianbai people's diligence, gradually won the love of customers.

Qingdao manufacturer Transparent food grade PE Slider bag

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