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Customized Stand Up Pouch Kraft Paper Bag for Food Y

Customized Stand Up Pouch Kraft Paper Bag for Food Y

Customized Stand Up Pouch Kraft Paper Bag for Food Y
Customized Stand Up Pouch Kraft Paper Bag for Food Y

Stand Up Pouch is a relative novelty packing, it can upgrade the product grade, strengthen the visual effect. It’s portable and convenient. The type varies, mainly have usual stand up pouch(can not repeat open), stand up pouch with zipper, stand up pouch with suction nozzle etc. Mainly used for food( snacks, nuts, sandwiches, fruit, vegetable, pet food etc.), kinds of beverage(mainly use stand up pouch with suction nozzle), tea, coffee and other products that need higher protection against oxygen and moisture. Stand Up Pouch , we are Stand Up Pouch manufacturer and supplier, we have a Stand Up Pouch factory, we wholesale/exporter Stand Up Pouch worldwide. Bags good for Snacks, Nuts, Powder Mixes, Candies, Confectioneries, Bath Salts, Spices, Coffee, Tea, Granola, Pet Treats and various other applications.

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moisture proof
*Surface Handling:
Gravure Printing
*Custom Order:
gravure printing
*Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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*Industrial Use:
according to the products
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Own factory, has the complete advanced machine.

Multi-size selection, to meet the needs of life.

With more than 10 years of experience in bag production.

Our bags have passed the food certification and are fully qualified.

Our customer service team has passed relevant training.

Easy to tear: can be used to seal the sealing machine again, strong sealing, easy to tear the design bag easier to open, save time to find a knife or scissors.

Self-sealing strip: reusable zipper sealing strip.Good sealing, convenient sealing and easy to use.

Thickening the bottom: thickening the bottom design, so that the product packaging load bearing capacity, and the bottom is not easy to fall, so firm.


Open window design: elaborate design, use arenaceous and transparent open window, can highlight your product already, can show your product simply again.

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