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manufacturer disposable surgical dust face mask Y

manufacturer disposable surgical dust face mask Y

manufacturer disposable surgical dust face mask Y
manufacturer disposable surgical dust face mask Y

Print Product Summary
moisture proof
*Surface Handling:
Gravure Printing
*Custom Order:
gravure printing
*Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
*Plastic Type:
*Industrial Use:
according to the products
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customer deisgn accept
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Three layer filter containing melt spray cloth, highly effective bacteria prevention and haze prevention, free to breathe every breath of air.

The current epidemic to go out to do a good job protection


1, masks should be replaced in a timely manner, not recommended for use for a long time.

2, wear appeared in the process of reaction and suggested to stop using.

3, this product can not be washed, please make sure that used in the period of validity.


4, stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from the fire and flammable items.

Plastic soft nose clip design, plastic soft nose clip design.Press the nose clip after wearing to make it fit better and prevent dirt from seeping into the gap.

3 layers of material filtering, more protection.Thin and multi-layer material, effectively block droplets more filter harmful particles, reduce respiratory resistance.

1. The outer non-woven fabric absorbs tiny particles, moistureproof and breathable.

2. Middle molten spray layer, filtering fine particles, small respiratory resistance.


3. The inner layer is non-woven, cloth skin-friendly material, without stimulation.

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