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What we could do for the used plastic bags ? A

What we could do for the used plastic bags ? A

2016-07-04 10:39:20

Young designer 2016 .


three young man Observed that the  plastic bottles can be fully recycled rather than plastic bags .thus resulting in the pollution of environment.


They want to prove to everyone that plastic bags also can be recycled and manufacturing.


They heated the plastic bags .   use of mould for shaping.Plastico designed by remanufacturing process, let the volume increase of plastic bags, make originally the discarded plastic bags are more susceptible to recycle the value, better processing.


these are the products they have made . 


A brush pot, receive a disc, storage box , and some desktop small objects.Because of the color of the plastic bags are various, let these products the same color, formed in the course of the mould flow of color, with stochastic sense of beauty.


what do you think of these ideas ?   



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