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What is the difference between food ziplock bags and ordinary ziplock bags

What is the difference between food ziplock bags and ordinary ziplock bags

2022-01-07 16:44:06

Ziplock bags have many advantages such as moisture resistance, oil resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, freshness, quality preservation, and odor preservation, which have brought great convenience to our lives. I don’t know if you have noticed how many ziplock bags are on the market. There are different types, among which food ziplock bags and ordinary ziplock bags are more common. In fact, there is a difference between the two, mainly because the raw materials and sanitary standards are different!


Transparent ziplock bag
Food ziplock bags will have higher requirements on the safety and sanitation standards of raw materials, and there are clear regulations for specific standards in relevant national documents. The material of the ziplock bag is related to the specific needs of the food and customers, and the price depends on the material, size, thickness, etc. In addition, due to different regions and regions, different types of ziplock bags are called differently. Some seem to be called differently, but they are actually a product. The ziplock bag has a good sealing effect, and the material of the bag is very different from other packaging materials. The material is very thick and strong and not easy to break, so the sealing performance is also very good. In addition to the material, the bag mouth design is also very peculiar. It uses a press-type bag opening, and the sealing effect of this bag is very good after being sealed. Suitable for packaging of food and small parts.
In the use of ziplock bags, it can be used for inner and outer packaging of various small items. Food ziplock bags can store all kinds of small foods, tea, seafood, etc., and it is necessary to ensure that their raw materials and safety levels meet the requirements of food standards. The ziplock bag can prevent moisture, water, insects, and prevent things from being scattered. It can also be used for packaging clothing and other daily necessities. It has a wide range of uses. Self-sealing bags can be produced by adding anti-static masterbatch during blown film production to produce anti-static self-sealing bags, which are generally used in the electronics industry.
Ziplock bag performance test


The above is an introduction to the difference between food ziplock bags and ordinary ziplock bags. I believe you will already know the answer after reading. The safety level of food ziplock bags is higher than that of ordinary ziplock bags, and they often use PE environmentally friendly materials as recycled materials. The use of production has no impact on the health standards of food-grade packaging!
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