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What are the characteristics of aluminum foil as a packaging material?

What are the characteristics of aluminum foil as a packaging material?

2022-08-05 16:20:01

Aluminum FOIL bag is made of a variety of plastic film composite after the combination of bag machine made of bags, used to package food, medicine industrial products, daily necessities and so on. QINGDAO BEAUFY GROUP, is a professional aluminum foil bag manufacturer in China, free design, to map customization, support printing, manufacturers wholesale, free sample.

What are the characteristics of aluminum foil as a packaging material? Characteristics of aluminum foil bag: opaque, silver white, anti-luster, with good barrier, heat sealing, light rotation, high temperature resistance, low resistance

Temperature, oil resistance, fragrance retention: non-toxic tasteless: softness and other characteristics. Aluminum foil bag adopts four-layer structure, with good water isolation, oxygen isolation function. Unrestricted, can be customized to different specifications. Style of packaging bag, can be made into flat pocket, stereo bag, organ bag and other styles.

Aluminum FOIL bag can be used TO dry all kinds of circuit board packaging, electronic product packaging, precision machinery parts packaging, consumer goods packaging, all kinds of food packaging, industrial products packaging. Aluminum foil for food packaging


Scope of use: milk, rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausage, cooked meat products, pickles


Bean paste, seasonings and so on aroma, quality, taste, color.

The advantages of aluminum foil bag: some cooked food in life, in the carrying way is easy to deteriorate, the use of aluminum foil bag vacuum packaging, can be very good to prevent the entry of air, resistance to external pressure, keep food fresh. Shortcomings of aluminum foil bag: aluminum foil bag material heat resistance is poor, film air tightness is poor, sensitive to ultraviolet light, easy oxidation, aging, thermal shrinkage changes, poor printing performance.

Aluminum foil insulation bag, cold insulation effect is OK. Aluminum foil insulation bag, bag making machine is made of aluminum foil composite pearl cotton insulation bag, and aluminum foil insulation bag can be very effective to maintain the heat of food, aluminum foil insulation bag with ice bag combination can effectively ensure that the heat is not lost, and aluminum foil insulation bag is very practical insulation bag. In addition, the advantage of aluminum foil thermal insulation bag is waterproof and oil proof. All materials are made of environmentally friendly materials with excellent wear resistance and wrinkle resistance. When the food is still steaming hot when taken out, the desired effect can be achieved from the color and taste of the food.


How long can aluminum foil insulation bag keep warm? Generally, it is two to three hours. If you need more lasting insulation effect, you can add some ice packs or warm babies, which can be constant temperature products. Use together, the effect will be better than direct use.

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