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The trend of ziplock bags M

The trend of ziplock bags M

2021-06-03 14:38:09

  • Market scale analysis of plastic self-sealing bag


Plastic ziplocks, a household necessity in developed countries for decades, are new to the minds of Chinese consumers.  With China's attention to health, the health concept of food classification and freshness preservation and the quality concept of food packaging safety have entered thousands of households in China. China's plastic self-sealing bag market is developing rapidly. In 2018, the market size of China's plastic self-sealing bag industry reached 6.5 billion yuan.  


Because of its incomparable advantages over other packaging bags, plastic self-sealing bags have been widely used in various sectors of national economy.  In the food industry, such as candy, especially preserved fruit and other food packaging;  Medical devices and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry;  Textiles used in the light industry;  In the machinery industry in the small mechanical parts and electronic industry in the electrical components of the packaging and seafood packaging and so on.  
The plastic self-sealing bag can be used for inside and outside packing of all kinds of small articles (ornaments, hardware, toys).  The ziplock bag produced with food-grade raw materials can store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood and so on. It is moisture-proof, odor-proof, waterproof, insect-proof and prevent things from scattering.  Zipbag can also be used for clothing and other daily necessities packaging, a wide range of uses.  Anti-static sealing bag can be produced by adding anti-static masterbatch in the production of blowing film, which is generally used in the electronic industry.  
In 2018, the number of enterprises above designated size in the plastic packaging industry was about 1,569, an increase of about 1.36% compared with 2017.  There are many kinds of plastic packaging in China, and the varieties are complex. It can be classified according to the different raw materials, packaging materials, shapes and uses.  Among them, the production of plastic bags of many enterprises, but the scale of enterprises less than 80, with the industry competition intensifies, the market will be concentrated to the head of the enterprise.  

The production of clip chain sealing bag is divided into two kinds, one is direct film blowing molding, the above of the sealing mouth is generally 1.8cm, the surrounding of the sealing mouth is relatively thick, the left and right sides of the sealing bag are made into finished products by hot sealing method;  The other is the method of clamping the chain after the attachment, the latter method is mainly used for the production of composite bags.  

The production of self-sealing bag is mainly composed of single film crosscutting, heat sealing on both sides, the positive and negative length of the bag is different, one side is 3-5cm longer than the other side. The folding part is affixed with self-adhesive, destructive adhesive and other colloid. When using, tear the plastic cover on the colloid and fold back the bag.  

Advantages of stand-alone bags:

The self-supporting bag has the advantages of excellent tightness and composite material strength, not easy to break and leak, light weight, less material consumption, easy transportation and so on.  At the same time, the packaging material has anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, blocking oxygen and moisture, easy to seal and other high performance.  Freestanding bags are chemically corrosion-resistant, glossy, partially transparent or translucent.  Mostly good insulators.  Stand-up zipper bag is light weight and fastening.  It can be produced in large quantities at a low price.  
Stand-up zipper bags are versatile, versatile, easy to color, and some high temperature.  At present, the self-supporting bag is fast and safe, while beautiful and generous.  Safety guaranteed self-supporting bags can make our products in the process of transportation to ensure the safety of the product transportation, reduce the risk of transportation.  At the same time, the self-standing packaging bag has high heat sealing fastness, pressure resistance and drop resistance, and will not cause the bag body to break and not leak even if it is accidentally dropped from a high place, which greatly improves the product safety.  
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