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The material and function of Doypack

The material and function of Doypack

2022-11-25 16:33:16

Packaging is made of paper, cardboard, flexible plastic bulrush, hard plastic, metal, glass, wood or fabric, and various composite materials. Flexible packaging, corrugated carton and folded carton printing account for two-thirds of all packaging printing. They are printed with printing inks of various properties, and protect the packaging and its decoration design by daily application of polishing or composite processing.

Most of the paper and cardboard produced in North America comes from wood grown on large farms, especially in the southeastern United States, where wood has largely replaced cotton as the most important crop for agricultural production. In the northwestern United States, there are still some use of pulp wood for wood chips and other byproducts for the production of long and cardboard.


In tropical countries, sugar cane is the main source of fiber from bagasse, which does not have the fine fiber of wood, but is suitable for making corrugated cardboard, such as corrugated boxes. This corrugated carton requires special coating for direct printing.

Most of the packaging materials in the portable kettle bag can be recycled. The paper recycled fiber has many unique features. It has a smoother surface and higher opacity than the paper and board made from raw pulp, but the recycled paper and board often contain more impurities. In Europe, when the recycled paperboard is packed with dry paperboard, the recycled paperboard that has not been deinked can be coated with Gaoling X or bleached to obtain fine packaging material suitable for printing. After coating with different methods, the recycled corrugated board can obtain a variety of excellent printing properties. For example, the recycled processing reduces the length of the fiber. Although the recycled board is not as strong as the original board, the surface printing performance may be as good or better. The transparent paper and cellophane, which can be compared with the plastic film, are actually packaging materials made of wood pulp.


Most of the plastic in portable outdoor water bags comes from non-renewable petroleum, but the supply may only last a few decades. The cost of obtaining some pure metals is rising as the good ores are being depleted. But there is still plenty of ore available for aluminium and steel, and the small supply of ore needed to make glass, for example, is almost never exhausted, but not all of the sand material is suitable for glass.

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