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The difference between brown paper bags and ordinary paper bags

The difference between brown paper bags and ordinary paper bags

2022-08-26 17:10:45

  • The difference between brown paper bags and ordinary paper bags


When it comes to brown paper bags, the first noun you think of is environmental protection, but do you know what is the difference between brown paper bags and ordinary paper bags? Do they have the same scope of application?

1, kraft paper bag environmental protection, firm and durable, strong printing performance of kraft paper bag in recent years is the biggest reason for its environmental characteristics, he is made of composite materials or pure kraft paper bags, it is non-toxic and tasteless, low carbon environmental protection, environmental friendly, in line with national and international environmental protection standards.

At the same time, kraft paper bag is made of wood pulp paper as the base material, the color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, PP material can be used on the paper with a layer of film, waterproof effect. Rawhide paper bag firm durable, bag strength can be made according to customer requirements of one to six layers, printing performance is also very strong, with the innovation of the process, the current brown paper bag can use environmental ink printing, not only can save 10% packaging cost, but also improve the texture of packaging.

Therefore, in recent years, kraft paper bags have been more and more widely used in life. You can see some goods in the shopping with brown paper bags, also can often see the presence of brown paper bags on the packaging of dried fruit, tea, coffee. Generally applicable scope is chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing and other industries of packaging needs.

2. The strength of ordinary paper bags is lower than that of brown paper bags

Ordinary paper bags can be recycled resources, but the strength of ordinary paper bags is lower than kraft paper bags, its quality is not fixed, there is a lot of volatility, although most of the conifer wood sulfate pulp to produce, but some manufacturers in order to save costs, will be mixed with some bamboo pulp, cotton rod pulp, rag pulp production. However, the mechanical strength is better. So it is commonly used to package cement, pesticides, fertilizers and other industrial products.

To sum up, kraft paper bags and ordinary paper bags are obviously different, because the environmental performance of kraft paper bags, bag strength, printing performance are stronger than ordinary paper bags, so it is more favored by the major businesses, the scope of application is more and more wide. Our QINGDAO BEAUFY LIMITED focus on the production of composite bags, especially environmentally friendly brown paper bags. We have 14 years of experience in packaging and printing. If you are in need, please contact us.

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