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The breathing zip lock plastic bags ? A

The breathing zip lock plastic bags ? A

2016-07-04 10:35:07

With the rapid development of the vacuum machinery industry in our country, the domestic vacuum bag manufacturing industry also obtained the corresponding development.


annual growth and profitability are ranked among the top domestic industries and is widely used in packaging industry, agriculture, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, therefore, vacuum bag production industry in recent years obtained the rapid development, and good prospects for development.

Want to make the product packaging will exhale, be about to make its first deoxidized, built-in desiccant, antistaling agent in food packaging or deoxidizer,

it can remove fruits and vegetables and water vapor released by ethylene material adverse storage preservation of gas.


This mainly through the bag outside the penetration of the gas bag antistaling agent, desiccant or deoxidizer passes, life learn response or the combination of physical adsorption effect.


To achieve this effect is to make plastic bags have certain permeability or prevent bag material leakage.


In the middle, permeability is an important physical parameter in the paper, the method to determine the use of different paper machine USES, this kind of packaging material in the packaging machinery industry is rare, is a kind of new things.







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