2016-07-04 10:25:09

Today there is more and more pollution and the environment is becoming worse and worse. So we have to know how to protect the environment. Here are some ways.

First, we can stop driving our personal cars. We can go to school or work on foot or by bus. Not only can it protect environment, but also it is good for our health.

Second, we are not supposed to drop litter anywhere, we should put them into the trash bin. And it’s best to pick up the litter on the ground when we see them.

Third, we should save the paper, the water, the food and so on.


Fourth, we should protect the trees and we should plant more trees.


I think if everyone does something to protect the environment, our world will be much better.


We sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad come to guide and to cooperate for a better future!

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