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Protect Environment , GREEN WORLD A

Protect Environment , GREEN WORLD A

2016-09-20 15:25:26


Furthermore, trees and flowers provide shade in the summer and act as barriers so that they can block frigid winter wind, hence they can help to reduce the energy bill of your household if you plant some trees and flower in the backyard and around the house, more importantly, lots of energy is conserved.


Without trees to block winds and provide shade, city dwellers would have to keep the air conditioner operating in the summer and turn on the heater all day long to retain heat, which undoubtedly waste lot of valuable energy resource.




To be more specific, a grown tree, through the process of transpiration, can provide a cooling effect equivalent to 10 air-conditioner operating 20 hours a day.


  In conclusion, the benefits of planting trees and flowers significantly outweigh the advantages of increasing access to public transportation and prohibition of plastic bags since trees and flowers can absorb gases and purify the air and also reduce household energy bill.

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