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New York City plastic bag charges bill has difficult to take effect ,Will delay

New York City plastic bag charges bill has difficult to take effect ,Will delay

2016-06-17 14:24:34

Qiaobao comprehensive report 】 【 the web according to the "net" on June 14, small plastic bags. What should I do is causing the gap between New York City council and the state legislature, now there's a third solution emerged: someone proposed that the plastic bags for recycling, like plastic bottles and cans every five cents.

According to the New York post source, before the state senate bill to the house of representatives, speaker of the house of representatives and the city council speaker to reach an agreement, to postpone the bill to vote in February, wait until after the election this year.

"They are going to modify the bill again," the source said, "there are a lot of way, but grocery stores can't bear this charge, customers also can't afford to, especially the poor and minority areas. They can be like the bottle tax."

This means that the consumers pay first, then can back to the store in return for five cents.

Citizens seem not agree charges. the importance of state senator said: "in this matter I received complaints more than in other major issues."

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