2016-07-01 13:58:52

we use plastic bags to buy things
finished using , it becomes  trash bags
In fact, there's a lot of use for  plastic bags, let us go ! 

To prevent the clothes wrinkled

when Folding the clothes, fold plastic bags together in clothes
Between clothes and clothes also separated with a plastic bag

Put on more clothes will not be afraid to be squeezed
Is not easy to wrinkle


To prevent the leather shoes metamorphic

First with a damp cloth to clean shoes
To dry in the shade
In shoe polish, shoe brush
In dry in a plastic bag
Will exhaust gas inside the bag, tied with a rope
This can prevent dryness and metamorphism of leather shoes

Persimmon removing puckery

put  in a clean plastic bag
Based on the size of the population of persimmon
Choose 1 ~ 2 pears in persimmon
Then tied in a plastic bag
About a week time can eat in the shade




If it is not practical enough
That used to hold the baby
Ha, ha, haheart


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