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How Cairo’s Trash Problem Becomes Beautiful Fabric ? W

How Cairo’s Trash Problem Becomes Beautiful Fabric ? W

2016-07-04 10:23:59

Cairo’s streets,while known for their charm,are also known for their trash.

One of the main criminal plastic bags,globally,one million are used each minute while scientists estimate that they will stick around the earth at least 500 years.

Two young designers,Mariam Hazem and Hend Riad,not only discovered that plastic bags are the second most wasted material in the country. They also found that in Egypt disposed bags are generally burned,releasing toxins.And plastic bags are expensive to recycle,so only a few Egyptain compines take on the task.

In 2011 Hazem and Riad were fellow design students at the German University in Cairo,they resolved to do something to change Egypt for the better.They collected plastic bags from friends and family and figured out a way to sterilize and cut them into long strips.The strips are then threaded into a handloom and woven together with fabric.

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