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Do you know what details we need to provide you with a complete quotation?N

Do you know what details we need to provide you with a complete quotation?N

2020-03-26 15:12:06

Do you know what details we need to provide you with a complete quotation?


When you want to ask for a quote.First you need to know exactly what you want the bag to look like.Secondly, you need to tell me the following six basic elements:

1. Bag size.(length, width and thickness)

2. Material of the bag.

3. What kind of bag is it (e.g., zipper bag or slider bag)

4. How much quantity do you need?

5. Do I need to print the bag?If necessary, please send the design document or picture to us for confirmation.

6.Do you have any specific requirements for packing?


If we know the above information, we can give you a preliminary offer.Our factory main production products include LDPE Ziplock Bags, Deli Saddle Bags, Sandwich Bags, Grape Bags, Biohazard Specimen Bags, Slider Bags, Lamination Pouches, OPP Bags, CPP films, Bubble Bags&Rolls etc...They are exported to Australia, America, Canada, Europe, Middle East and 20 other countries and regions with the strength of reasonable prices, fast leading time, strict quality control, satisfactory after-sales service. Our companies always focus on the Sincerity, Innovation and Development, and have the ISO, BV, BSCI Certifications.

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