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Deal with environment A

Deal with environment A

2016-09-20 15:22:59

How to deal with environment degradation has never failed to attract public attentions, some suggest planting more trees and flowers while others argue it is better to make the public transportation more accessible.



Personally, I think that the benefits of planting trees and flowers significantly outweigh the advantages of increasing access to public transportation based on the following reasons.


  Admittedly, increasing accessibility of public transportation like subways, trains and bus can reduce air pollution caused by private vehicles, nonetheless, other important factors contribute to the air pollution instead of exhaust discharged by vehicles, for instance, industrial manufacturers discharge lot of wasteful gas and other kinds of poisonous chemical waste.


Furthermore, obviously the prohibition of plastic bags cannot ease the environment problems since research shows that industrial waste plays a major role in environment degradation other than household chemicals. Consequently, we can claim that increasing public transport and prohibition of plastic bags are not the most effective approach to improve environment. Instead, planting trees and flowers can ameliorate environment pollution.

  First off, trees and flowers can absorb lots of gases, like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, etc. Actually, through the process of photosynthesis, trees and flowers can produce oxygen, which purifies the air, making it very appealing for city dwellers to do jogging in the park. Additionally, the roots of trees and flowers can also help filter the groundwater and control run off, at the same time, they can avoid soil erosion. According the Center of Forest Research, the trees and flowers in the city of Beijing alone removes about 1800 metric tons of pollution.




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