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Classification of biodegradable plastic bags

Classification of biodegradable plastic bags

2022-05-27 16:07:24

Classification of biodegradable plastic bags

With the continuous upgrading of plastic bag production technology, plastic bags have not been invented as a single to meet the convenience of people to carry items. In order to meet people's needs, all kinds of plastic bags begin to enter People's Daily life. More and more kinds of plastic bags, today let xiaobian to give you a popular science.

Card bag: Card bag is also called mother bag. The card head bag is generally divided into two parts, one is the bag and the other is the card head, the card head is equivalent to an "advertising space" for publicity or to attract consumers to buy desire. Bone bag: excellent sealing, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic. Function: dustproof, moistureproof and leakage proof. Application: hardware, jewelry, electronics, medicine, supermarket, snack shop, tea, stationery, toys, printing, leather goods, etc. PE bone glue bag for food, can prevent the fear of moisture snack food, medicinal materials to soften, maintain the essence of taste. For example, baked potato chips, broad beans, biscuits, melon seeds, hemp flowers, Dangshen, platycodon root, tianqi and other damp food medicinal materials. Can also be used for tea.

Hook bag: hook bag is divided into diagonal hanging bag, flat hanging bag. Generally used in clothing bag industry, common in major brand clothing stores, dry cleaners, its main role is to play a dust, dust, waterproof and other functions, commonly used to suit, jacket and other clothes, commonly seen in dry cleaners. Clothing stores and so on.

Bubble bag: bubble bag made of low density polyethylene processing, is currently widely used as a transparent flexible packaging material, widely used. Its principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that the product is vibrated to play a protective role, but also has the effect of heat insulation, suitable for all walks of life different products packaging or turnover use! Because the air cushion film middle layer is full of air, so the body is light, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-wear performance, it is waterproof. Moisture-proof and pressure-resistant.

Square bag: square bag is also called square bottom bag by LDPE(high pressure low density) and LLDPE(linear low density) through the film blowing machine blowing tube material, and then through the bag making machine sealing bag of plastic packaging bag, can also be directly sold by the customer in use according to the need to cut sealing. PE bag can be divided into flat pocket, folding bag and square bottom bag according to the production process; According to whether printing can be divided into blank bag and printing bag: according to whether antistatic can be divided into ordinary and antistatic two, product performance; The material feels soft and the thickness can be adjusted freely.

Express bag: Express bag classification has express plastic bag, express document seal, express bubble bag, express bone bag and so on. There are two categories of express bags in the market; One is the new material express bag (such as SF express bag, fedex bag, housing express, etc.), the second is the raw material express bag (such as the express bag used by small express companies such as Lianwu Tong)2 express document sealing material: generally gray white board paper, white card paper, cow card paper, the majority. The paper weight of 200g/m2 to 450g/m2 is generally used in the express industry. Compared with the plastic bag, the document seal of express delivery has the advantages of being flat and not easy to break.

Shrink bag: shrink bag in life is common in food stalls, restaurants, restaurants and other places. It has the characteristics of high transparency, shrinkage performance, excellent heat sealing performance, good toughness, anti-static, excellent cold resistance, etc. It is a kind of non-toxic, safe and reliable soft shrinkage film. This kind of product is useful in many fields, very widely used in all kinds of regular and irregular products shrink packaging, in our life is also one of the most common plastic bags. Other: in addition to the types of plastic bags mentioned above, in fact, the classification of plastic bags there are many metaphors compound bags, aluminum foil bags, biodegradable bags, inflatable bags and so on.

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