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Classification of biodegradable plastic bags 2

Classification of biodegradable plastic bags 2

2022-06-02 16:05:33

With the continuous upgrading of plastic bag production technology, plastic bags have not been invented as a single to meet the convenience of people to carry items. In order to meet people's needs, all kinds of plastic bags begin to enter People's Daily life. More and more kinds of plastic bags, today let xiaobian to give you a popular science.

Vest bag; Because its shape resembles the vest that people wear, so it is called vest bag, also known as waistcoat bag, convenient bag, etc. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, wholesale markets, grocery stores and other places. Generally USES the PO production as the main material, vest bag making simple, widely used, has become indispensable in our daily life necessities, provides great convenience for people, but also cause the pollution of the environment at the same time, this country promulgated "plastic ban, it is prohibited to produce single under 2.5 silk vest bag, to limit the dosage of the vest bag.

Handbag: Handbag shopping bags, advertising gift bags are generally made of PO(namely, HDPE high-density polyethylene) or PE(namely, LDPE low density polyethylene) plastic bags. Bags made of PO material have low gloss and a slightly hard texture. If you shake them gently, you can hear the sound of splashing. PE plastic packaging materials made of the bag gloss is better, the texture is soft, gently shake with the hand, the sound is very small. These two kinds of materials are non-toxic and tasteless, sanitary and safe. Plastic handbag is generally used in clothing, gifts, accessories, stationery and other industries, because of its fashion, convenient and good-looking, loved by users.

Flat pockets; Flat pocket is generally used for industrial packaging, because the sealing method of different flat pocket can also be made into yuan line bag (R bag) is one of the most often customized plastic bag manufacturers, but also one of the largest amount of plastic bags.

Self-adhesive bag: Self-adhesive bag, also known as sticky pocket, self-adhesive plastic bag, is mainly used in stationery, jewelry, food and other industries.  Mainly OPP, PE as the main production materials, self-adhesive bag printing effect is very good, so it is suitable for processing into beautiful product packaging, such as card bags, clothing bags, bread bags and so on.  The product is very transparent, which is the most transparent in the plastic bag material category. The self-adhesive bag made is like a mirror.  But the product is more brittle, toughness is not good enough, easy to tear, so the general use of adhesive paste in the form of sealing, product volume is relatively large or heavy weight, generally add environmental edge, prevent cracking.  

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