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Can I put the plastic bag in the microwave?

Can I put the plastic bag in the microwave?

2022-07-14 17:27:26

Can I put the plastic bag in the microwave? Whether the plastic bag can be put into the microwave depends on the material of the plastic bag. Only CPP/PVDC bags can be used for microwave heating. Ordinary household plastic bags should not be put in the microwave.

Plastic bags belong to plastic materials, which are easily spoiled or damaged or taste changed when heated directly in the microwave. Some substances will be released to contaminate food and make it inedible. There are special microwave oven fresh-keeping bags on the market, which can be refrigerated by dry refrigerator or heated by dry microwave oven. The use temperature range on the packaging belt can be recognized when using.


There are special microwave film/bag on the market, can be used for refrigerator preservation, also can be used in microwave oven, this bag in heat resistance, non-toxicity and other aspects far better than ordinary film. PVDC material is a softening temperature of 160-200℃, used for cooking bags.


Attention! PVC film, although can be used to keep fresh with dry food, but the dry interior may contain benzene ring plasticizers, and therefore can not be used in the microwave oven heating or packaging of fatty foods. Otherwise, the compounds produced will be harmful to human health. Pe fresh-keeping film, no plasticizer added by the dry, higher security, so the market use more. However, PE fresh-keeping film is a common type of plastic packaging products of fresh-keeping food, the use temperature is not more than 110 degrees Celsius. Microwave oven heating special bag, please choose Yuli packaging production of high-temperature steamer bag, safe, healthy, non-toxic. Qingdao BEAUFY GROUP, based in Shandong Province and serving the whole country, is a leading manufacturer of functional soft packaging bags, providing zipper bags, coffee packaging, PE fresh-keeping bags, breast milk, fresh-keeping bags, food fresh-keeping bags, microwave oven bags, biodegradable plastic bags and other packaging manufacturers customized services

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